All required equipment

Safety is first requirement in every sport and in adventure sport like paragliding it is most important to keep yourself safe from unexpected accident. One must have all sport equipment with his wing and rescue parachute also. It must be checked out that all your equipment are working well or not. There should be no any risk for any accident, especially in tandem flight that co-person should also be with all safety equipment like: helmet, harness sunglasses etc.


Some of the things must be in mind for safe flights

  1. You should have all Paraglide equipment
  2. Check out your harness connection with wing properly
  3. Regularly practice for your handling and launch techniques
  4. Keep your legs down until a well clear of hill during launching
  5. Make yourself comfortable with the weather and wind way.
  6. Each flights ends with a good landing so make safe landing on landing zone.


Persons Not eligible for flight

These should not have flights

  1. Person with Height Phobia.
  2. Pregnant Women.
  3. Person with Operated Backbone.
  4. Alcoholic and drug addicted
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